The Gambino Family (Defunct)

The Cashies Family (Active)

The East Olivie Company (Active)

The Luciano Family (Defunct)

The Mangano Family (Defunct)

Uptown Riders (Inactive)

The Caprini Family (Defunct)

Southridge Mafia (Defunct)

The Genovese Family (Defunct)

Cuneo Criminalita Famiglia(Defunct)

Harway Mafia (Inactive)

Leone Famiglia (Inactive)

The Camorra Family (Defunct)

The DeLuca Family (Inactive)

Flores (Inactive)

CJNG (Inactive)

Tattaglia family (Active)

Profaci Family (Active)

Dimaccano Family (Inactive)

The Luchiero Clan (Defunct)

The Denero Family (Defunct)

South Ridge Family (Defunct)

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